CIMFChronic Idiopathic Myelofibrosis
CIMFCorellian Intergalactic Mercenary Force (gaming)
CIMFCentre for International Macroeconomics and Finance (University of Cambridge; England, UK)
CIMFCanadian International Motorcycle Festival
CIMFComputer-Integrated Manufacturing Framework
CIMFConsolidated Intermediate Maintenance Facility
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The heritability estimates for CIMF and UIMF were calculated to be 0.
Genetic and phenotypic correlations between ultimate pH and CIMF were -0.
Estimates of genetic and phenotypic correlations for CIMF and UIMF were 0.
All the pigs tested were sacrificed and their loin muscles were analysed to determine the CIMF percentage.
It may be difficult to obtain a representative sample from patients with CIMF because the bone marrow is fibrotic in this disease and the cells that are obtained have low proliferative capacity in vitro (4), (6).
The fact that CIMF is mostly seen in the older patient population, in whom surgical treatment would bring about higher rates of mortality and morbidity, has led clinicians to use this nonsurgical alternative in this group of patients.
CIMF is a serious progressive and chronic condition whereby scar tissue develops in the bone marrow, resulting in a reduced ability to produce sufficient blood cells.
It is estimated that approximately 50% of patients with CIMF possess the JAK2 mutation.
Comparison of salient features of CIMF and PAIMF Features CIMF Primary AIMF Primary AIMF (literature) (our cases) Pancytopenia +/- + + Teardrop cells ++ +/- +/- Leukoerythroblastosis ++ +/- Splenomegaly present absent present Bone marrow fibrosis present present present Clustered megakaryocytes ++ +/- 1 of 3 Dysplastic megakaryocytes +/- +/- 2 of 3 Lymphoid infiltrate +/- ++ all cases Intrasinusoidal hematopoiesis +/- +/- none Clonal cytogenetic abnormality +/- no study not done Association with autoimmune - +/- - disease Autoantibodies +/- +.