CIMITCenter for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (Boston, MA)
CIMITCenter for Innovative Minimally Invasive Therapy (Massachusetts General Hospital)
CIMITCentro de Investigacion Medica Instituto Traumatologico (Chile)
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CIMIT is launching CoLab to advance and expand its mission in a scalable way, enabling other institutions to use and adapt proven innovation methods.
We have instantiated the key approaches CIMIT has adapted and developed over our 14 years of experience in implementing innovations in healthcare.
My experience with CIMIT tells me that efforts are going to have the best chance of moving the field forward if they combine the expertise of the care providers on the front line of clinical care along with the appropriate technological engineering expertise.
To that end, the Boston, MA-based CIMIT helps facilitate introductions between clinicians and engineers.
HanGenix represents the first academic/commercial collaboration by CIMIT through the recently launched CIMIT Accelerator Program, a concerted effort by the consortium to speed the commercialization and implementation of innovative technologies into patient care.
The CIMIT Accelerator program facilitates technological innovations that can be handed off to industry within twelve to eighteen months.
The CIMIT Innovation Congress 2008 is a unique interactive conference featuring national leaders who are shaping the future by facilitating innovative public-private partnerships to drive change in healthcare.
The CIMIT conference will represent the first time that the Patient-Aware OR will be demonstrated publicly.
CIMIT is the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology.
So much of our research and early implementation work has been done right here in Massachusetts, with partners like CIMIT and Massachusetts General Hospital," said LiveData CEO and President Jeffrey Robbins.
Underscoring its work in medical device interoperability, LiveData will also participate in the HIMSS exhibit led by the Medical Device Plug-and-Play (MD PnP) Program, affiliated with the Massachusetts General Hospital, CIMIT, and Partners HealthCare Information Systems.
CIMIT is a Boston-based consortium of teaching hospitals and engineering schools, and the mission of Epilepsy TDP is to advance new therapies for people living with epilepsy.