CIMLCustomer Information Markup Language
CIMLCustomer Identity Markup Language
CIMLCentre d'Immunologie Marseille Luminy
CIMLComposite and Intelligent Materials Laboratory (University of Nevada)
CIMLCaterpillar Investment Management, Ltd. (Peoria, IL)
CIMLComputational Intelligence and Machine Learning
CIMLComputer Investigation Markup Language
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Centro del Patrimonio Mundial de la ONUESC (UNESCO), que comprueba el expediente de la candidatura y lo envia al CIML si se trata de un sitio cultural o al UICN si es un sitio natural, o a ambos si es un sitio mixto, por reunir ambas caracteristicas;
DBV Technologies and CIML have decided to collaborate to improve their knowledge of recruitment and mechanisms of actions involved in the epicutaneous treatment of allergies by the EPIT[R] (Epicutaneous Immunotherapy) method.
From worm to man, from the molecule to the whole organism, the physiological disease, the CIML addresses, numbers of models and scales, all fields of contemporary immunology: the genesis of different cell populations, their patterns of differentiation and activation, their implication in cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases and mechanisms of cell death.