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CIMMCentro de Informação Metal Mecânica (Brazil)
CIMMCanadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
CIMMCertified Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (International Society of Automation)
CIMMClickable Image Map Maker (software)
CIMMCommodity Integrated Material Manager
CIMMConfiguration; Installation; and Maintenance Manual
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Jane Clarke, Managing Director for CIMM, said, "Programmers and marketers are frustrated and hamstrung with the inefficient and inadequate tools that they have been using to track video assets.
We're proud to deliver this cross-media measurement data today to select CIMM member companies, getting us much closer to holistically and continuously measuring audiences and advertising in this always on, multi-screen world," said Manish Bhatia, Chief Revenue Officer at comScore.
Uncovering new insights on multi-platform ad effectiveness--and linking these to activities like social media engagement--are increasingly valuable to advertisers and brands," said Jane Clarke, managing director of CIMM.
This next phase will enable media companies, marketers and advertising agencies the opportunity to experience the service for their brands and will be open to participation from CIMM member companies as well as non-CIMM members.
0 Conference Joan FitzGerald, VP of TV & Cross-Media Solutions at comScore, and Jane Clarke, Managing Director at CIMM, will be presenting findings from this research at the ARF's Audience Measurement 7.
A research firm affiliated to CIMM, Chilean mining and metals research institute, expects global iodine sales to grow by 5%/y to 2017.
Samples for Phosphates were prepared and analyzed by CIMM Peru S.
The proven and probable reserve (within a pit design) has been estimated in accordance with the SME Reporting Guide, SEC Industry Guide 7 and CIMM Standards as adopted by CSA National Instrument 43-101.
Samples were submitted to CIMM Labs, which is an ISO-certified facility in Lima.
41% Zn and has been calculated in accordance with CIMM (2000) standards, at a geometric cutoff.
All Fortuna samples are crushed, pulverized and analyzed at CIMM Analytical Labs preparation facility in Lima, Peru.
These innovative, small scale pilot tests will independently explore different methodologies to capture all three-screen media usage for selected programming and advertising campaigns," explained CIMM Managing Director, Jane Clarke.