CIMMCCook Inlet Marine Mammal Council
CIMMCCECOM Intelligence Materiel Management Center
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Representatives of CIMMC joined the aerial team on one or more survey days in 1995 (K.
Participants in the tagging projects included representatives from NMFS, USFWS, CIMMC, and scientific consultants: R.
Funding and support was provided by ABWC, funds were administered by North Slope Borough, CIMMC helped set up interviews, and NMFS helped with all aspects of the project.
Harvest statistics were provided by CIMMC, ABWC, ADFG, and Native hunters of Cook Inlet.
On 23 May 2000, NMFS entered into an interim cooperative agreement with CIMMC to comanage the Cook Inlet beluga stock.
On 31 May 2000, one week after entering into the cooperative agreement with CIMMC, NMFS promulgated final regulations designating the Cook Inlet beluga stock as depleted under the MMPA (NMFS, 2000a).
1996 49 killed, Harvest records collected by ABWC (5) 49-98 SL the CIMMC and reported to the ABWC.
The CIMMC, ABWC, ADFG, and Native hunters of Cook Inlet provided the harvest statistics presented here.