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CIMPCpG Island Methylator Phenotype
CIMPCreative Improvised Music Projects
CIMPCommission Internationale de Microflore du Paléozoique
CIMPCanadian International Matriculation Programme (Sunway University College; Malaysia)
CIMPCumulative Impact Monitoring Program
CIMPChandragupt Institute of Management (India)
CIMPCenter for Intrusion Monitoring and Protection
CIMPCertified Information Management Professional
CIMPCorporate Information Management Plan
CIMPCartographic Imaging Modeling Program
CIMPComité interministériel des Matières Premières
CIMPCargo Interchange Message Procedures (IATA)
CIMPCurrent Intermediate Maintenance Project
CIMPCommission on Igneous and Metamorphic Petrogenesis (IUGS)
CIMPComputer-Integrated Material Processing
CIMPContinuous Maintenance Program
CIMPClient Initiated Mirror Protocol (Digital View's trademark protocol for digital video player control)
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Because MSI and CIMP are relatively well defined when compared with CIN, CRCs are usually classified into 4 molecular subtypes on the basis of both CIMP and MSI statuses: CIMP+/MSI-(5%-10%), CIMP-/MSI- (75%-80%), CIMP+/MSI+ (10%), and CIMP- /MSI+ (5%).
Ward et al (35) and Hawkins et al (38) previously demonstrated that increasing levels of tumor methylation were significantly associated with decreased survival for patients with MSI-tumors, and MSI- tumors with methylation at 4 or more of the examined 5 CIMP markers were associated with decreased survival, compared with tumors with methylation at 1 to 3 markers or with no methylation.
33) It is not yet clear which panel is optimal for CIMP diagnosis.
The CIMP Consortium began this innovative project in 1974.
Wang, C-MOLD's President and Chief Executive Officer, currently work as a part of CIMP and C-MOLD, respectively in Ithaca, New York.
CIMP evolved due to a growing market need by companies in the plastics manufacturing and engineering industries.
At CIMP we have successfully helped the industry understand plastics and plastics behavior.