CIMPROComputer Integrated Manufacturing for Process (Datalogix)
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The more than 20 components that make up CIMPRO V help manufacturers optimize formulas, manage inventory, control and improve quality, schedule production, improve costs and procure products.
CIMPRO V offers comprehensive company-wide solutions, and for specialized requirements it has developed partner relationships that are fully integrated and designed for deployment on Microsoft Windows NT Server.
Most of Datalogix's products run on Unix, but CIMPRO is now running on Windows 95 and Windows NT, and the company is coming out soon with an NT version of GEMMS.
Our commitment to delivering a true Microsoft-centric software solution for mid-market process manufacturers is gaining momentum in the marketplace, as illustrated by recent sales of the CIMPRO V product where we are adding new customers at a greater rate year over year.
By directly translating CIMPRO code to Visual Basic and integrating the feature-rich CIMPRO application with Solomon Software Inc.
In developing CIMPRO V, MAI's strategy was to combine the extensive functionality of prior CIMPRO versions with Microsoft's proven and widely deployed Windows NT, SQL Server and Visual Basic technology.
Existing CIMPRO customers may easily upgrade to CIMPRO V as the code within CIMPRO V and earlier versions remains unchanged.
MAI Vice President of Marketing Rita Curro said, "Our strategy for CIMPRO V also focused on bringing value to our more than 400 existing clients in the food, chemical and color technology industries.
Manheimer, a New York-based fragrance and flavor manufacturer and CIMPRO customer, "CIMPRO V provides the functionality we're accustomed to with a technical vision that makes economic sense.
According to MAI Process Manufacturing Division President and Chief Executive Officer Luke Brown, "CIMPRO has long been a recognized functionality leader in the mid-market, and with its translation to SQL Server and Visual Basic, CIMPRO V leapfrogs the competition and is now unmatched in return on investment, ease of implementation and functionality within our marketspace.
We expect that CIMPRO V will generate great excitement for both new prospects and our customer base," Brown continued.
Distinction Software's SCOPE applications complement CIMPRO V's core ERP product suite by enabling users to rapidly implement easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions with a small support staff.