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CIMSCleaning Industry Management Standard (International Sanitary Supply Association)
CIMSCode Integrity Management System
CIMSCourant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (New York University)
CIMSComprehensive Information Management System (various organizations)
CIMSCenter for Integrated Manufacturing Studies (Rochester Institute of Technology)
CIMSComputer Integrated Manufacturing System
CIMSClient Information Management System (various locations)
CIMSContinuous Improvement and Monitoring System (Michigan)
CIMSChemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry
CIMSClinical Inventory Management System (WaveMark Inc.)
CIMSCoordinated Incident Management System (New Zealand)
CIMSCenter for Innovation Management Studies
CIMSCrisis Information Management System
CIMSCoalition to Improve Maternity Services
CIMSCorrespondence and Issues Management System (US FEMA)
CIMSCoupled Instabilities in Metal Structures
CIMSCenter for Imaging and Mesoscale Structures
CIMSCustomer Information Management System
CIMSCivilian Information Management System
CIMSCentral Inmate Monitoring System (prisons)
CIMSCritical Infrastructure Modeling System (software)
CIMSCustomer Interaction Management Software
CIMSCenter for Intelligent Materials and Systems
CIMSContract Information Management System (USAID)
CIMSCyberinfrastructure: Information Management in eScience
CIMSCenter for Information Media Studies (Japan)
CIMSCorporate Information Management System
CIMSCentral Iraq Microwave System
CIMSCentre for Intelligent Mining Systems (University of Alberta)
CIMSCommon Information Management System
CIMSCareer Information Management System
CIMSControls Integrity Management System
CIMSCritical Incident Management System
CIMSCemetery Information Management System
CIMSCoalition for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
CIMSCalibration Information Management System
CIMSCollaborative Information Management System
CIMSChild Indicators Monitoring System
CIMSCustomer Inquiry Management System
CIMSCollegiate Institute for Math and Science (Bronx, NY high school)
CIMSCortical Imaging of Microtubule Stability
CIMSComponent Information Management System (EIA)
CIMSCustomer Invoice Management System
CIMSCentre for Islamic Management Studies (Singapore)
CIMSCosite Interference Mitigation Subsystem
CIMSCase Inventory Management System
CIMSCryogenic Industrial Medical and Specialty (Gas Products, LLC; New Jersey)
CIMSCenter for Indoor Mold Solutions
CIMSCongressional Information Management System
CIMSChurch of Ireland Mens' Society
CIMSCOTS Implementation Master Schedule
CIMSContolled Indoor Air Management Services (Enterprises)
CIMSChange Implementation Master Schedule
CIMSCommunication and Information Management Services
CIMSCustomer Interface Management Site
CIMSCobra Information Management Software (Cobra Technologies)
CIMSChange in Mental Status (chat/blog slang)
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CIMS has established themselves as a packaging equipment manufacturer and films supplier to the carpet and carpet yarn industry in this area.
According to a video released by the IAI, CIMS can operate day and night and through any weather at a rate of 10 kph for a 270[degrees] radius.
Author of the assessment, Mugge joined CIMS as its director in 2005 after a 35-year career with IBM, where he specialized in helping clients transform their new products and services-development capabilities.
CIMS reportedly allows healthcare organizations to use NetLink Wireless Telephones to improve patient care by: providing staff instant access to key information; making nurses more accessible to patients, physicians and other staff; enhancing departmental coordination; improving staff efficiency; allowing physicians to multitask while moving throughout the facility; as well as ensuring privacy and security through discreet communication.
CIMS allows MNF-I personnel to tap into NIPRNET (Nonsecure Internet Protocol Router Network), SIPRNET (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network), CENTRIXS (the Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System), voice, VTC (video teleconferencing) and JWICS (the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System).
If you register by April 30, 2005 with CIMS for the 2006 Forum, you receive a 25% discount on registration.
The full CIMS Feature Comparison Report is at SM Online.
Past: Executive Committee; Executive Search Committee; CIMS Task Force; AP & AS Committee chair; Citrus Belt Chapter president; Citrus Belt Chapter vice president; Citrus Belt Chapter AP & AS Committee chair; and Citrus Belt Chapter Board of Directors.
CIMS changed all of CHN's processes, including design, computer-aided process planning, product data management, simulation databases, inventor-user interactions.
Officials explored the feasibility of having the other districts adopt CIMS, developed by National Computer Systems (NCS) of Minneapolis, Minn.
The second section summarizes the CIMS approach to science education and describes the program's activities related to staff development and curriculum revision.
The CIMS platform can also support manual card orders for those occasions when short-notice gift card needs arise, such as peak holiday seasons and during client promotions.