CIMSAComputational Intelligence for Measurement Systems and Applications (conference)
CIMSACenter for Indonesian Medical Students' Activities
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De acuerdo con informacion del Registro Publico de la Propiedad, CIMSA fue creada en 1981 y su accionista mayoritario, presidente y administrador unico es Alberto Schroeder Castaneda.
Fitch believes the merger with Grupo CIMSA will improve KOF's business position as the incorporation of contiguous territories and operations will allow the company to expand its coverage in Mexico and reach potential synergies of up to MX260 million from its production facilities and distribution network, among others.
On a pro forma basis, considering KOF's last twelve months (LTM) EBITDA as of June 30, 2011 and incorporating Grupo Tampico and Grupo CIMSA transactions, net debt to EBITDA should approximate to 0.
Durante el tiempo que han estado vigentes los contratos de suministro de carbon para ambas centrales con la empresa CIMSA, esta siempre ha cumplido con las entregas del combustible en el volumen y la calidad especificados en el contrato.
Confirman que la empresa CIMSA fue la beneficiada al haber ofrecido las mejores "condiciones tecnicas y economicas", ademas de haber sido a unica que participo en el proceso.
Cesar Salgado Castaneda, director de Desarrollo Humano de CIMSA, afirma que Purita no tiene horario fijo: "Como puede venir en un mes lo puede hacer en una semana o manana mismo, no tiene fecha para trabajar.
As president of CIMSA, he successfully built the company into a global leader in the parachute industry.
BRS and CIMSA recently entered into a partnership agreement to jointly develop new and existing parachute systems aimed at advancing the two companies' shared technology in the global aerospace market.
Over the last several months, BRS and CIMSA have worked together to establish a strategic business relationship to build on the manufacturing agreement we signed in February.
com), a manufacturer of whole-aircraft parachute recovery systems for general aviation and recreational aircraft, announced that it entered into a manufacturing agreement with CIMSA Ingenieria de Sistemas (Barcelona, Spain), a designer and manufacturer of a variety of military parachutes for the European market as well as advanced ram-air wings for precision aerial delivery.
With its quality management, labor health, labor safety, and environmental management system, CIMSA aims to reach world standards.