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CIMTConstraint Induced Movement Therapy
CIMTCrime(s) Involving Moral Turpitude
CIMTCarotid Intimal Medial Thickness
CIMTChina International Machine Tool Show
CIMTCentre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (UK)
CIMTCritical Incident Management Team (various locations)
CIMTColorado Institute of Massage Therapy
CIMTCertified Infant Massage Teacher (Canada)
CIMTComputer Integrated Manufacturing and Technology
CIMTCritical Incident Management Training (petroleum industry)
CIMTCommission Internationale de La Médecine du Travail (French: International Commission on Occupational Health)
CIMTComfort Inn Marina Towers (Chennai, India hotel)
CIMTCapital Investment Management Tool (BAE Systems)
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Several studies examining the association between long-term exposure to air pollution and CIMT have reported inconsistent findings (Bauer et al.
12) Although CIMT is related to metabolic parameters, only a few studies have investigated the relationship between numbers of MetS risk parameters and CIMT.
The purpose of this review of literature was to examine multiple studies that incorporate CIMT into treatment programs for individuals after stroke to determine if this form of therapy is an effective rehabilitation method.
In 2013, the CIMT Regulatory Research Group outlined a regulatory pathway for actively personalized immunotherapies after discussions with the Innovation Task Force of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the regulatory authority in Europe responsible for marketing approval of new drugs.
Carotid wall thickening represents subclinical vascular disease, the pathophysiologic substrate that explains why CIMT is a risk factor and a marker of CVD risk (16).
After the AFS021 event got the ball rolling, the next step in CIMT development involved getting each of the directorates at AFRC headquarters to provide specific, detailed information to units throughout the command to help determine and identify existing checklists.
All parameters of arterial stiffness and CIMT were higher in obese patients than the controls (p<0.
Additionally, the children of mothers who smoked both during pregnancy and in the postnatal period (n = 11) had an even thicker CIMT (23.
At the recent CIMT show, they two announced they would seek to include China's largest machine-tool builder, Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co.
Cimatron's shares are publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange and the TASE under the symbol CIMT.
The world's fourth-largest and Asia's largest machine-tool show, CIMT 2011 has attracted 1,400 exhibitors from 28 nations, of which 83 are from Taiwan for a historic high.