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CIMTConstraint Induced Movement Therapy
CIMTCrime(s) Involving Moral Turpitude
CIMTCarotid Intimal Medial Thickness
CIMTChina International Machine Tool Show
CIMTCentre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (UK)
CIMTCritical Incident Management Team (various locations)
CIMTColorado Institute of Massage Therapy
CIMTCertified Infant Massage Teacher (Canada)
CIMTComputer Integrated Manufacturing and Technology
CIMTCritical Incident Management Training (petroleum industry)
CIMTComfort Inn Marina Towers (Chennai, India hotel)
CIMTCommission Internationale de La Médecine du Travail (French: International Commission on Occupational Health)
CIMTCapital Investment Management Tool (BAE Systems)
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This study was undertaken to assess cardiovascular risk using CIMT and ankle brachial index (ABI) as a marker to identify subclinical atherosclerosis in pre-diabetic patients.
Two of the 11 SNPs in Table 4 that modified associations between air pollutants and LINE1 methylation also modified associations between air pollutants and cardiovascular phenotypes measured in children at 11 years age, including right CIMT and BP (see Table S4).
11,12 CIMT is highly associated with cardiovascular risk factors13 and robust predictor of cardiovascular outcomes and cerebrovascular complications.
An increase in CIMT indicates narrowing of the carotid arteries.
The purpose of this review of literature was to examine multiple studies that incorporate CIMT into treatment programs for individuals after stroke to determine if this form of therapy is an effective rehabilitation method.
We have investigated the usefulness of CVD risk assessment algorithms to improve clinical evaluation of young Slovenian HIV-infected patients below the age of 55 with no symptoms or signs of CVD by comparing it with results of CIMT measurements.
Respondents were offered the opportunity to choose more than one method for each question from a list that included CIMT, Bobath/NDT, Brunnstrom/PNF (combined as one option), and Rood, among others.
Carotid wall thickening represents subclinical vascular disease, the pathophysiologic substrate that explains why CIMT is a risk factor and a marker of CVD risk (16).