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CINCCommander in Chief (formerly applied to various military commanders; now used only to refer to POTUS)
CINCCytokine-Induced Neutrophil Chemoattractant
CINCComputers in Cardiology
CINCComputational Intelligence and Natural Computing
CINCCombined Intelligence Center
CINCCostner Industries Nevada Corp.
CINCConseil, Image et Nouvelle Communication
CINCChildren in Need of Care (various locations)
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The JTF CINC then merges the CTPs from the Service components to form the Cop.
The geographic CINCs are responsible for the planning and conducting of all military operations, including military engagement activities, and serving as the single point of contact for all military matters within their theaters of operations.
The course includes emphasis on intensive reading assignments to expand the students' understanding of the factors that go into campaign and strategic planning at the CINC level.
Indeed, some regional leaders prefer to deal with the CINC than with the US State Department or the Washington administration officials.
In shaping NBC deterrence strategies, the regional CINCs would continue to work closely with relevant functional commands (for example, STRATCOM, TRANSCOM, and SOCOM) and with other U.
The separate services have long since oriented their visions toward jointness in "serving the CINCs.
This type of aliasing approach, could handle the CINC proposed standard just as well as any native command language.
Prepares Command positions for the CINC throughout Planning, Programming and Budgeting System (PPBS) and Congressional hearing processes.
The cell should have a standard nucleus of members; however, the CINC should modify the team to meet unique regional conditions.
A likely candidate, he suggested, might be an unmanned aerial vehicle that a CINC has fielded in an exercise as a surveillance asset.
The Directorate of Logistics Readiness integrates AF Agile Combat Support concepts, doctrine, exercises, and sustainment policies with OSD, Defense Agencies, JCS, CINC, and MAJCOM staffs.
General Charles Horner reportedly urged the CINC to appoint someone comparable to his position as air component commander as the ground component commander.