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CINCCommander in Chief (formerly applied to various military commanders; now used only to refer to POTUS)
CINCCytokine-Induced Neutrophil Chemoattractant
CINCComputers in Cardiology
CINCComputational Intelligence and Natural Computing
CINCCombined Intelligence Center
CINCCostner Industries Nevada Corp.
CINCConseil, Image et Nouvelle Communication
CINCChildren in Need of Care (various locations)
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By more efficiently using the funds it has, CINC mitigates the impact of budget reductions and continues to provide the best-levels of service for our customers.
Joint Chiefs of Staff Message to CINC Far East Command.
Submarines deployed in the eastern Mediterranean were subordinate to CINC of the Mediterranean Fleet in Haifa.
Clearly, regional CINCs are responsible for developing war plans for their areas of responsibility.
It adds that "more people, about 1,100, work at the smallest CINC headquarters, the US Southern Command, than the total assigned to the Americas at the State, Commerce, Treasury and Agriculture departments, the Pentagon's Joint Staff and the office of the secretary of defense".
For example, during the initial deployment of combat forces for a given operation, AMC would provide tankers to the supported CINC through the COMATFOR.
Even so, two problems remain unresolved: first, it does not apply to regional CINCs, at whose level much of the operational planning takes place.
Simply stated, the primary function of the services is to provide forces that are organized, trained, and equipped to perform a role--to be employed by a CINC in the accomplishment of a mission.
JFCOM has been working to put together a technical solution that allows the CINC, the Joint Task Force commander and each functional component to have the same picture of the BATTLEFIELD.
The challenge now becomes how you can provide this picture to the CINC without impacting on your primary responsibility, supporting your commander engaged in the close fight.
A deployable planning-augmentation cell that augments the engineer staff ofother organizations (for example, CINC, ASCC, and ENCOM).
Together, the chief of mission and theater CINC recommend the size of the security assistance presence in any given country for Congressional approval.