CINCPACCommander-in-Chief, US Pacific Fleet (US Navy)
CINCPACCommander in Chief, Pacific Command
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air assets moved from CINCPAC, in Hawaii, through his air officer at PACAF, to the 2 AD.
Ambassador Green how CINCPAC and the United States should respond to the "reasonable possibility that the Indonesian Army might request our help against a PKI insurgency.
Pacific Command Headquarters (CINCPAC HQ), Command History Branch, CINCPAC Command History, 1975, Appendix VI, Top Secret, Declassified May 8, 1980 (San Francisco: CINCPAC HQ, 1976), 17.
However, from the outset, there was confusion over command and control as well as a long chain of command stretching all the way back to the White House running down to the JCS, CINCPAC, Marine, Air Force and Navy forces on the scene and numerous intelligence agencies such as the DIA, Naval Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and even a multitude of layers of the State Department, the NSA, and the Ford Cabinet.
Memorandum From the Commander in Chief, Pacific (Felt) to the Joint Chiefs of Staff CINCPAC, Honolulu, May 11, 1963.
In February 1943 Rear Admiral Lockwood learned that his superior officer in CINCPAC Headquarters at Pearl Harbor had been killed in an aircraft accident and he was to succeed him and be promoted vice admiral.
What effect does an already strong military presence in Hawaii, including CINCPAC here on Oahu and the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai, have on the development of dual-use technology here?
The ambassador criticized the Joint Chiefs of Staff for seriously misunderstanding political realities in Japan and said, "I request that for the time being, CINCPAC avoid giving the Japanese military any impression we wish or expect them to try to influence the government of Japan on nuclear questions.
A command-and-control cell is on line in Hawaii, the CINCPAC headquarters, and an operational downlink is in operation in Korea.
In structuring NBC deterrence strategies, the roles of the regional CINCs--notably CINCPAC, CINCCENT, and CINCEUR, within whose areas of responsibility (AORs) fall all the NBC proliferators of near-term concern--should be given special attention.
New York (BB-34) (1933-1935) before working in the Navy Budget Office (1935-1938); promoted rear admiral (November 1937), and was appointed commander of Cruiser Division 7 (July 1938); made commander of Battle Force Cruisers, and of Cruiser Division 9 (June 1939); promoted over forty-six more senior admirals to the post of CINCPAC, with his flag aboard U.
And the decision actually goes all the way up the chain, not only to CINCPAC [Commander-in-chief, Pacific] in Hawaii and the secretary of defense and the NSC, but ultimately ends up on the president's desk, and he makes a relatively small decision that can have an enormous impact upon how he's perceived, and really should have been done by somebody else.