CINCPACCommander in Chief, Pacific Command
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However, from the outset, there was confusion over command and control as well as a long chain of command stretching all the way back to the White House running down to the JCS, CINCPAC, Marine, Air Force and Navy forces on the scene and numerous intelligence agencies such as the DIA, Naval Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and even a multitude of layers of the State Department, the NSA, and the Ford Cabinet.
A year later, in the fall of 1976, both the previously cited official CINCPAC report and a report by the General Accounting Office (GAO), circulated in October 1976, raised questions about the President's handling of the incident.
Admiral Nimitz, CINCPAC, was warned by communications intelligence and recalled Halsey's TF to Pearl to replenish.
Continuously active in the Naval Reserve, he has served on the Twin Cities Group Command Staff; Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region Sixteen as Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics; as Commanding Officer, Ships Supply Officer Division 9-3, Twin Cities; Chief of Staff, CINCPAC Detachment 216, Rock Island, Ill.
The PACAF briefing to CINCPAC for the period September 18-30 anticipated the benefits of using the Sky Spot radar at LS-85.
PACAF Rolling Thunder briefing to CINCPAC for period 16-30 November 1967.
1, folder CINCPAC Operation Order 11-42, 31 January 1942, box 20, Records Relating to Naval Activities in World War II: Plans, Orders & Related Documents, CINCPAC January 1942 to April 1942, Record Group [hereafter RG] 38, Records of the Office of Naval Operations, National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Md.
The PACAF briefing to CINCPAC on January 11, 1967, for the period December 19, 1966, through January 8, 1967, reported that, of the 1,146 sorties scheduled against targets in RP-6A, they flew only 72.
The largest military command in the world, CINCPAC spans over half the earth's surface and includes over 300,000 people.
NSA, Traffic Intelligence Summaries with Comments by CINCPAC War Plans/Fleet Intelligence Sections, 16 July 1941--31 December 1941, SRMN-012 (Fort George G.
The Conference's keynote speakers include: * Admiral Dennis Blair, Former CINCPAC & Senior Fellow, Institute for Defense Analyses * Chen Chao-min, Vice Minister for Armaments & Acquisition of Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense * Richard Lawless, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian & Pacific Affairs * Randy Shriver, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for China The Conference's session speakers from Taiwan include: * Chen Yuan-hsiung, Director, Defense Policy Division, Strategic Planning Department, MND * MGen Chou Mong-bai, Deputy Chief of Staff for A5, ROC Air Force * Dr.
CINCPAC message date-time group 300708Z Jan 68 [30 January 1968, 7:08 A.