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CINDCognitive Impairment, No Dementia
CINDCognitively-Impaired-Not-Demented (mental disorder)
CINDChronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases
CINDCentre for Inherited Neuromuscular Disease (UK)
CINDCentral Inspiratory Neuromuscular Drive
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For analyses of the associations between indicators of B12 status, CES-D score, and clinical cognitive impairment, we combined diagnoses of dementia and CIND into 1 group as the dependent variable.
6] Nonstandard abbreviations: B12, vitamin B,Z; TC, transcobalamin; holoTC, holotranscobalamin; SALSA, Sacramento Area Latino Study on Aging; 3MSE, Modified Mini-Mental State Examination; CIND, cognitively impaired but not demented; CES-D, Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression scale; OR, odds ratio.
Another 23% of CIND patients have a subtype that is linked to coexisting medical conditions and carries the highest risk of death (28%), but also the highest rate of recovery, he said.