CINDECanadian Institute for NDE (Nondestructive Evaluation)
CINDECoalición Costarricense de Iniciativas de Desarrollo (Costa Rican Invesment Promotion Agency)
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Our experience in Costa Rica has been excellent and the support we've received from the government, CINDE and our partners has been instrumental in our decision to continue to expand here.
When comparing the homepages for Invest in Australia, Invest in Canada, and CINDE (Costa Rica's IPA) we can see that despite the fact that all three sites are targeting a "global customer" (i.
In terms of investment, this sector's new companies and the growth of existing ones generated around US$127 million, which represent 27% of the total FDI captured during this year in the areas of interest for CINDE.
Gabriela Llobet, Director General for CINDE, emphasized that the 27 contact centers that are established in our country generate more than 15,000 job opportunities.
The Director General of CINDE, Jorge Sequeira, said "exports of value-added services increased from 12.
This announcement is given thanks to the work of CINDE and COMEX in their efforts to attract investment, and the commitment of this Government to provide optimal country conditions to provide stability and confidence to companies that choose to invest in our country," explained President Solis.
Another benefit to conducting business in Latin America is simplified customs clearance procedures, according to Pilar Madrigal, director of international affairs for the Costa Rican Investment Board, or CINDE, a San Jose, Costa Rica-based nonprofit organization that helps advance the country's social and economic development
Columbia, Marta's home country, became the site of CINDE.
Gabriela Llobet, general director of CINDE, said, "Costa Rica is known worldwide as a highly competitive seat of medical equipment manufacturing, clear proof of which are the 57 companies from the life sciences that provide jobs to some 17,200 people in our country.
Procter & Gamble in Costa Rica will open a site for a Regional Planning Center for its Latin American Supply Chain, reports CINDE (Feb.