CINEPCentro de Investigación y Educación Popular (Spanish: Center for Research and Popular Education; Colombia)
CINEPCentro de Innovación y Estudios Propios (Spainish)
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In an article published by CINEP shortly before his death, Mario described the work of his coterie of "crazy greens" in Sumapaz: "We have decided to be actors, not victims.
But if we begin to use it against the guerrillas, who fight a political struggle, in the same way we use it against drug terrorists, things are going to get very shady and people's rights will be in jeopardy," said Francisco de Roux, a priest who heads CINEP, the Jesuit think tank, in Bogota.
Jesuit Father Francisco de Roux, who runs the Center of Investigation and Popular Education, CINEP, a prominent, Jesuit-backed think tank in Bogota, echoed Gomez's call for a negotiated solution to the guerrilla conflict.