CINORCentro de Investigaciones del Norte (Guatemala)
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Total quantity or scope: Benefits by an expenditure for CINOR and Sydne (see CCAP and BPU) may vary within the following limits
Total quantity or scope: To date, CINOR has a fleet of 620 terminals voluntary contribution, whose 593 airline terminals and 27 terminals buried.
In 2014, 2200 tons of glass, 26 tons of plastic, 191 tons of JRM and 3 tons of metal were collected CINOR.
Coverage of risks of liability CINOR likely to be questioned as part of the
average quantities ordered by CINOR quarterly on each good control correspond to 400 tanks and 200
The contract is for the maintenance of green spaces of roads and declared sites of Community interest in the communes of CINOR and consists in achieving pruning benefits, clippings, brush cutting and weeding the various ecological zones ( hard shoulders and sidewalks, trickle between the roadway and the sidewalk, tree pits, plots).