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CINRCarrier to Interference-plus-Noise Ratio
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In the case of LTE-A system, the throughput is derived according to CINR, which is observed by the UE, as indicated by following formula
RE] represents the amount of the resource elements available for data transmission, [GAMMA] corresponds to the transmission efficiency based on CINR (see [21]), and [t.
Color Modulation DL Throughput (Mbps) CINR (dB) RSSI (dBm) Red QPSK 2.
The Wireless Status Monitoring (WSM) module estimates the CINR of each user and relays it to the Wireless Channel Status Decision (WCSD) module in the server.
The ELC module uses the number of outstanding packets in the network buffer and CINR.
In order to solve these problems, CLAR distinguishes between the core area and the edge area by using wireless channel status based on SIR (Signal-to-Interference Ratio), information and location of client based on RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication), and CINR (Carrier to Interference-and-Noise Ratio) with Tx headroom, as is shown in Fig.
8, CLAR uses also the implicit location information; the server can estimate the location of the client by using RSSI, CINR and Tx headroom values.
The new CINR measurement algorithms provide improved signal to noise scanning precision that more closely represents actual user experience.
Then, the maximum bit-rate that is provided to a user is selected according to his/her CINR on basis of the MCS table.
In our research, the CINR are used to adjust available bandwidths through which users will receive the resource.