CINRCenter for Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Research (Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA)
CINRCarrier to Interference-plus-Noise Ratio
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Complementing this new functionality, the SeeGull EX for LTE also offers additional new measurements such as Resource Block, CINR and Multipath Delay Spread.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that the publisher provides, and which could not be obtained without the tools that the publisher had at their disposal, include average DL and UL throughput, RSSI and CINR values, uplink transmit power, availability of higher order modulation schemes and the presence of MIMO Matrix A/B, not to mention indications of whether or not co-channel and/or inter-symbol interference (ISI) exists.
The new measurement modes, combined with improved CINR (Carrier to Interference plus Noise Ratio) measurement algorithms, provide a flexible set of tools for RF Engineers deploying and optimizing WiMAX mobile networks.