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CINTCenter for Integrated Nanotechnologies
CINTConjunto Instrumental Nuestro Tiempo (Spanish: Our Time Instrumental Ensemble; Cuba)
CINTConservation Intention
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From A#1 to F#6 the match is exact, but the highest note in the upper random walk, G6, does not appear in Example 7 because it is a local variant in relation to the standard set whose contents have been determined by the CINT shown in that example.
The CINT as used here is equivalent to Morris's CIN[T.
The original CINT members were drawn from a pool of more than 350 FBI negotiators nationwide based on resume reviews, personal interviews, psychological testing, and negotiation experience.
Because most of those selected for CINT had been police instructors in the field, they possessed an excellent working knowledge of negotiation strategies, hostage and barricade techniques, and crisis management principles, in addition to actual negotiation experience.
This responsibility requires CINT members to interact regularly with Department of State personnel and to receive overseas operations training.
CINT members also attend a 2-week negotiation course offered by the Metropolitan Police Department in London, England, for supplementary training.
In addition to general training, CINT also has focused on preparing for specific threats.
Today, training for CINT members continues on a regular basis to address pertinent and current challenges and to maintain the team's state-of-the-art readiness.
When the coherent signal is too weak, the CINT results are unsatisfactory.
Beacon has directly compensated total of seven thousand five hundred dollars from Market Pathways for enrollment of CINT in its research program.
Founded in 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden, Cints data and audience set has been developed to generate qualitative and quantitative information that can be used across sectors including finance, automotive and healthcare.
Cint EVP for Asia Pacific, James Rogers, said, Data Republics secure analytics platform and Cints self-declared data will greatly increase insight depth for all customers.