CIOLCybermedia India Online Ltd
CIOLCyber India Online Limited (news site)
CIOLCoherent Imaging Optics, Ltd. (Coherent, Inc.)
CIOLCommon Interface Object Language
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Instituted in 2004, these awards carry forward the CIOL vision to super-power the CIOs as also to recognize their leadership qualities, pioneering and innovative efforts to derive benefits for their organizations by interplay of business and technology.
Located in Bangalore, the IT Capital of India; CIOL offers quality content on CIOL Security section provides news on latest IT security related issues based on Enterprise Security, Application Security, Mobile Security, Infrastructure Security, vulnerabilities, Security Tips, Specials and Security Products.
Anil Kumar Ravindran, Senior Vice President, CIOL said, "This is the first deep-dive attempt by any IT news portal in India to create a separate section on IT Security to provide essential details to avoid vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure of IT and Non-IT companies.
In announcing the consummation of the deal with CIOL, Stuart Schoenmann, Chief Executive Officer of CVI Melles Griot, stated, "This acquisition increases our infrared optics manufacturing capacity, brings us unique coating technologies, and further strengthens our European manufacturing presence.
The CIOL acquisition enables CVI Melles Griot to meet customer demand with local manufacturing for defense contracts and provides new capabilities to manufacture infrared imaging optics and assemblies.
Originally founded in 1983 by the Vinten Group plc in Leicester, England, CIOL was acquired by Coherent Inc.
Stuart Schoenmann, CEO of CVI Melles Griot, added, "We are excited to have CIOL join the CVI Melles Griot family of companies.
CIOL is the fourth acquisition for CVI Melles Griot since partnering with NEP in May 2003; add-on acquisitions include Melles Griot in July 2007 (CVI Melles Griot was named CVI Laser prior to the acquisition), Quality Laser Optical in April 2006, and Optical Components in June 2005.
Under the agreement, CIOL will create an IT outsourcing Web site, powered by neoIT, where global buyers can procure, manage and deliver their IT projects, and Indian IT companies can access, bid and deliver on projects from around the world.
As a result, we see a trend towards greater acceptance of outsourcing -- not just basic IT but core development, including mission critical applications," said Pradeep Gupta, Managing Director, CIOL.
neoIT's engine, which will power the CIOL outsourcing site, offers tremendous value to both IT buyers and providers.
India is fast becoming a leading destination for such outsourced projects, and our alliance with CIOL gives IT buyers direct access to Indian IT firms," he added.