CIOSPChief Information Officer Solutions and Partners
CIOSPCommon Inspection Onsite Software Package
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We've performed important project work for NIH on CIOSP I and in other contract areas.
Like CIOSP I, the CIOSP II contract is a vehicle through which federal agencies may purchase an array of information technology solutions.
The Logicon CIOSP program office is located in Falls Church, Va.
Services under he CIOSP program are available to all federal agencies as well as to federally funded state programs.
Leslie, the BDM executive responsible for the program, noted that the procurement for the CIOSP program was conducted under new procurement reform legislation that went into effect on August 8.
UNISYS estimates that the team's potential revenue from CIOSP is $100 million over the contract's five-year term.
CIOSP is not only simple to use, it's also a fast track, flexible vehicle that lets a CIO react quickly to changing IT demands.
Noting that the CIOSP procurement took only three months, Milton Cooper, president of CSC's Systems Group, said that the program meets many objections of the Information Technology Management Reform Act, which went into effect Aug.