CIPACCollaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council
CIPACCard-Image Public Access Catalogues
CIPACColorado Influenza and Pneumococcal Alert Coalition
CIPACChristians' Israel Public Action Campaign
CIPACCommunication and Information Policy Advisory Committee
CIPACConstruction Industry Policy Advisory Committee
CIPACCorporate Identity and Public Affairs (Coca-Cola Company)
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This was achieved by creating four new coordinating mechanisms to complement the SCCs, GCCs and CIPAC - the Critical Infrastructure Cross-Sector Council; the Federal Senior Leadership Council; the State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Government Coordinating Council; and the Regional Consortium Coordinating Council.
Anadarko, Kinder Morgan, ExxonMobil, and the American Petroleum Institute are frequent participants and sponsors of CIPAC meetings.
In addition to CIPAC there is a Homeland Security Information Sharing Network for the Oil and Gas Industry (HSIN-ONG), a web-based platform that allows companies to communicate with each other and with law enforcement.
CIPAC created an anti-piracy website that looked almost identical to The Pirate Bay's, including a blue logo of a ship sinking that looks to be a parody of the Jolly Roger pirate ship used as The Pirate Bay's main logo.
In an ironic turn of events, TPB threatened to sue CIPAC for copyright infringement, and it looks like their fight has escalated.
Fos 1%G; se utilizaron las tecnicas descritas por el CIPAC (CIPAC, 1994).
En el caso de CIPAC, su proposito fundamental es investigar y promocionar los derechos humanos y la salud de las poblaciones gays y lesbicas; sus acciones principales son la incidencia politica, la capacitacion, informacion, y la investigacion, parte de la cual implica la produccion y difusion de material.
After the county manager and CIPAC process are completed, the two groups' lists of scores are converted into a simple ranking of all of the projects under consideration.
The CIPAC rally also turned up as fascinating example of the importance of the Christian right in internal Republican Party politics.
The association offers CIPAC tender meets the axis 2 of the device Insert, recruitment, professional job applicants and new employees in the service sector to the person Yvelines.
This consultation is divided into eight slices :: - Firm phase : repairs to the building tightness Bed and Breakfast,: - Optional Unit 1 : Securing roofs Building Bed and Breakfast,: - Optional Unit 2 : repairs to seal the roof of the circulation of C14 building experiences areas: - Optional Unit 3 : derailing a raid EP building engineers and physicists and timely recovery of records sealing: - Optional Unit 4 : Point seal recovery restaurant building ,: - Optional Unit 5 : Spot reseal the CIPAC building: - Optional Unit 6 : sealing the roof of the technical gallery No.