CIPAVCaisse Interprofessionnelle de Prévoyance et d'Assurance Vieillesse (French pension fund association)
CIPAVComputer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier
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Put the CIPAV available, copies of backups currently performed in-house and outsourced on a secure site.
The objective is to ensure the CIPAV, disaster causing loss of data, the ability to perform a recovery from a recent backup site, via a link establishment or, where appropriate through the repatriation drives, and, as soon as possible.
com/threatlevel/2013/08/freedom-hosting/) magazine explains : "Court documents and FBI files released under the FOIA have described the CIPAV as software the FBI can deliver through a browser exploit to gathers information from the target's machine and send it to an FBI server in Virginia.
88) The FBI agents obtained judicial consent to deploy CIPAV to the computer of the MySpace page's administrator to determine his or her identity.
CIPAV enabled the FBI to locate the computer used to administer the MySpace page, which belonged to a fifteen-year-old Timberline High School student.
While the CIPAV technology used in the investigation remains classified, (93) commentators have categorized CIPAV as "spyware.
However, it is unclear why the target computer did not detect CIPAV.
According to the affidavit, CIPAV operates on the target computer like spyware.
Nonetheless, CIPAV appears to be an ingenious tool for determining the location of computers likely involved in crimes, despite its spyware-like behaviors.
Total quantity or scope: The CIPAV is currently holder of NUP licenses (named user license) but it plans to acquire both new licenses NUP licenses CPU (Processor license).
The CIPAV has placed a portion of its financial reserves in real estate.
The counting of votes is scheduled for 12/11/2014 at 8:00 am at the headquarters of the CIPAV located at 9 rue de Vienne Paris (8th).