CIPBCitizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
CIPBCritical Infrastructure Protection Board (NIPC)
CIPBComputer-Integriertes Private Banking
CIPBChina International Poster Biennial
CIPBCanadian Initiative for the Prevention of Bullying
CIPBConsolidated Installation Property Book (US Army)
CIPBCertificado Internacional de Protección del Buque
CIPBClose International Private Banking
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The CIPB report contains a veiled threat that the government may move to regulate if the voluntary participation it is seeking from the private sector does not materialize and the health, safety or well-being of the American people is at risk.
Once relevant security protections are in place, the CIPB recommends that organizations explore options for covering cyber-terror risk and the risk of systems and data vandalism through e-business insurance programs.
The CIPB report recommends that the responsibility for cyber-security be raised to the board level to oversee the sufficiency of cyber-security structure and controls.
I think the town hail meeting was a great idea, not just because of the people who got up to say something, but because of all the discussions that happened throughout the day" between CIPB members and attendees, says Alan Paller, director of research at the SANS Institute, an information security research and educational organization.
SANS used its Web site to post the questions chosen by the CIPB to guide respondents in addressing key issues of the plan.
Whether or not it's worth the wade through Starr's personal struggles in order to reach the appendix where readers can learn how to join CIPB and become involved in local public broadcasting depends on what the reader is looking for in the first place.