CIPECCanadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation
CIPECCenter for the Study of Institutions, Population, and Environmental Change
CIPECCombustion, Incineration/Pyrolysis and Emission Control (conference)
CIPECConseil Intergouvernemental des Pays Exportateurs de Cuivre (French: Intergovernmental Council of Copper-Exporting Countries)
CIPECCentral Iowa Public Employees Council (labor union)
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By demonstrating the positive side of the climate change challenge -- by showing how to marry strong environmental stewardship with astute economic management -- CIPEC members are blazing important trails for others to follow," said Ralph Goodale, minister of Natural Resources Canada.
Penetration Rate: 75% Same as in Option 1 Industry Option 1 Option 3 Expand CIPEC beyond to include all of industry.
Hantho organized industries' response to the climate change issue as a past chairman of the Executive Board of CIPEC and former chairman of the Minister's Advisory Council on Industrial Energy Efficiency for the Department of Natural Resources - Canada.