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CIPPCured In Place Pipe (pipe lining)
CIPPChartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (UK)
CIPPCertified Information Privacy Professional
CIPPCertificate in Personnel Practice (human resources)
CIPPCritical Infrastructure Protection Project
CIPPCanadian International Peace Project
CIPPCast in Place Pipe
CIPPClub and Individual Participation Program (USA Rugby program)
CIPPClinical Investigator Preparatory Program
CIPPCongres International de Pneumologie Pediatrique
CIPPCommittee on Immigration Policy and Practice
CIPPContexts, Input, Processes and Products
CIPPChartered Institute of Practising Professionals (Delaware)
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CIPP must be installed correctly to manufacturer's standards and confirmed by good inspection to achieve the projected design life.
The chlorine percentage of CIPP and CP are quantitatively determined using the combustion of the product sample, i.
SAK will use CIPP, shotcrete and other methods to repair pipes ranging from 10-inch diameter to 108-inch height.
pipe cleaning contractor ALLPRO (Chesapeake, Virginia); Atlantic Coast Contractors (Denver, North Carolina), the subcontractor providing the excavation and replacement work; and Applied Felts (Martinsville, Virginia), who is providing custom felt liners used in the CIPP process.
For manhole to manhole CIPP rehabilitation, the LMK Insignia[TM] End Seal sleeve that is available in diameters from 6 inches to 54 inches.
Through the new Understanding your Payslip app, the CIPP hopes young people will gain an understanding of money matters and will be able to budget their salary more efficiently.
In many cases, CIPP can be less costly and more environmentally friendly when compared to the dig-and-replace method.
Saertex multiCom has been manufacturing and supplying worldwide, UV-cure GRP (glass reinforced pipe) CIPP (cured-in-place-pipe) liners since 1996 and offers non-pressure, M & S+, pressure, S+ premium and potable water, S+XR liners, the equipment for installation and on-going training and support to contractors and utility providers.
In a recent poll, the CIPP discovered that just TEN per cent of employers will be allowing flexible working time during the Olympics, while half said they would not be allowing flexi-time and the remaining had not yet decided.
We are confident that our experienced crews and quality CIPP products will assist the City in its efforts to provide renewed infrastructure to the citizens of Richmond.
Some believe the use of CIPP liners cured with ultraviolet (UV) light will expand the market by offering additional and complimentary rehabilitation options.
This follows her 2007 IAPP CIPP designation, which was the industry's first broad-based certification that addressed the fundamentals of privacy law, technology, operations and information management.