CIPRISCoordinated Interagency Partnership Regulating International Students
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As members of the original CIPRIS task force, former members of the NAFSA Board of Directors, and individuals with substantial experience in international education, we can shed a bit more light on the topic raised in Confessore's article.
NAFSA as an association was diametrically opposed to the original tracking system that CIPRIS was creating, working hard to postpone it, derail it, and make it less accountable and therefore less effective.
Would CIPRIS have succeeded where previous INS attempts to monitor foreign students failed?
We were given assurances that the fee proposed under the CIPRIS program for nonimmigrant students may not be imposed, and we were also encouraged by discussions concerning access to public lands," she said.
ACA representatives in Washington were told that the work being done by ACA members and APCO was paying off on the controversy surrounding the proposed CIPRIS fees on nonimmigrant students.
I'm not saying CIPRIS would have stopped September 11," says Tom Fischer, the former INS official who oversaw the system's development in Atlanta.
Which is exactly what the higher-education lobbyists who killed CIPRIS don't want.