CIQSCanadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (Markham, Ontario)
CIQSCustoms, Immigration, Quarantine and Security (East ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Growth Area)
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For example, CIQS harmonization efforts among BIMP-EAGA countries are essentially proactive integration measures but may involve some form of deregulatory actions (i.
To realize this goal, the Roadmap sets out a medium-term strategy based on four key objectives, namely, to (i) promote intra- and extra-EAGA trade, investments and tourism in selected priority sectors; (ii) coordinate the management of natural resources for sustainable development of the sub-region; (iii) improve infrastructural capacities and connectivity as well as CIQS issues; and (iv) strengthen the institutional structures of BIMP-EAGA.
However, efficient movement of goods and people is impeded in many parts of BIMP-EAGA by cumbersome and lengthy border crossing procedures, and a lack of transparency and consistency in the application of CIQS rules and regulations.