CIRACCentre d'Information et de Recherche sur l'Allemagne Contemporaine (French: Center for Information and Research on Contemporary Germany)
CIRACCreative Industries Research and Applications Centre
CIRACCanadian Institute for Research in Atmospheric Chemistry
CIRACCentral Interior Regional Arts Council (British Columbia, Canada)
CIRACCritical Infrastructure Risk Analysis Center
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That is, as practices they can neither be taught by a form of magisterial lecture or professor-dominated seminar in which students are conceived as empty vessels that passively receive information transmitted by a professor, nor can they be reduced to algorithmic formulae such as CIRAC that imply that a practice is nothing more than a decision protocol.
The 100% final sit-down issue-spotter exam merely encourages and rewards a kind of passive mimicry on the part of the student--the reproduction of the standard textual, rules-based form of legal discourse captured by the CIRAC formula.
148) As most law students learn, the acronym CIRAC stands for "Conclusion, Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion"--the apparently magical formula for writing memos, essays, and exams that will be evaluated with an "A" grade.