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CIRCUM-Around (Prefix)
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Species with a circum- and subcircum-Holarctic range.
The preparatory stages of this Bill have taken longer than expected because of the change in labour market circum- stances, due to the enlargement of the EU," he added.
Council officers say laptops would only be handed out to councillors in ''exceptional and justifiable circum- stances''.
However, the circum- stances mitigated against grant support being available to the company, and the business case for closure of Port Talbot is compelling.
The Primary Care Group is also looking at ways of supporting a campaign to help elderly people in vulnerable or isolated circum-
Where the condition refuses to go away, circum- cision could be the answer.
For whatever reason, it was almost as if they were satisfied with just making the team,but that is a dangerous attitude to have,as shown by the change in all of their circum- stances.