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CIRCUM-Around (Prefix)
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Number of species found both in Nearctic and Palaearctic regions (1), number of species with circum- (2) and subcircum- (3) Holarctic distribution, percentage of circum-Holarctics of all species found in the Holarctic Realm (4), number of species found within the Holarctic Realm (5) and worldwide 6).
In the light of current circum- stances, Cordiant believes that this proposal provides the best outcome that is capable of being achieved for shareholders.
Where the condition refuses to go away, circum- cision could be the answer.
The Primary Care Group is also looking at ways of supporting a campaign to help elderly people in vulnerable or isolated circum-
However, the circum- stances mitigated against grant support being available to the company, and the business case for closure of Port Talbot is compelling.
A spokeswoman said, 'As far as we know, no-one has called the police or the RSPCA, so we are not involved in this case, and we don't know the full circum- stances.
For whatever reason, it was almost as if they were satisfied with just making the team,but that is a dangerous attitude to have,as shown by the change in all of their circum- stances.