CIRDChina Institute for Reform and Development (Hainan, China)
CIRDChirashree Institute of Research and Development (India)
CIRDClinical Informatics Research and Development (Partners HealthCare System, Inc.)
CIRDCentre d'Information sur la Recherche et le Développement (French: Information Center of Research and Development)
CIRDCorporate Information Resources Division (aerospace)
CIRDControlled Integrated Reuscitation Device
CIRDCompagnie Installation Réparation à Domicile (French maintenance company)
CIRDCirculo Islámico de la República Dominicana
CIRDChemical Information Resources Directory
CIRDConcept Import Réalisation Distribution (French distribution company)
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While there are no genetic factors or breed predilections with CIRD, it is theorized that brachycephalic breeds could be at a higher risk factor for more severe infection.
Given the number of possible causative agents, the CIRD complex, almost by definition, is not a vaccine-preventable condition.
But, remember: Vaccination prior to potential exposure can prevent infection to the specific strains of Bordetalla present in the vaccine, and may help reduce the severity of related infections, but protection against all the other pathogens that can cause CIRD is not guaranteed.
CIRD is highly contagious infectious, and is transmitted through direct and indirect contact between animals, through contact with aerosolized respiratory secretions (coughing and sneezing) from infected dogs, and through contact with contaminated objects--just like a cold at a daycare center
Typically, healthy dogs in a home will only develop mild, if any, signs of CIRD after exposure to an infected dog.
The medications of choice for the initial treatment of the uncomplicated form of CIRD are amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and doxycycline (usually for a three-week period); patients should respond to treatment in 10-14 days.
The complicated, or severe, form of CIRD tends to manifest in dogs in the atrisk category.
The recipient of the CIRD Galderma Award for 2007 was Dr Philip Liu (UCLA, Los Angeles, CA) for his work on acne inflammation.
Por un lado, el de percepcion de compra de votos facilitado por CIRD (vease Tabla II), que arroja unos niveles muy elevados, aunque con una mejoria en el ultimo mandato colorado.