CIREFCAConferencia Internacional sobre Refugiados, Desplazados y Repatriados de Centro América (Committee of International Conference on Central American Refugees)
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By doing so, CIREFCA ensures a sustained link with development efforts on a larger scale, which otherwise would not be possible, and avoids the perpetuation of emergency schemes isolated from local communities such as closed or precarious refugee camps.
This integrated approach is a substantial part of the strategy of progressively incorporating refugees or reintegrating returnees in the countries and constitutes a key of the Plan of Action and of achieving the objectives of CIREFCA.
These generic agreements were then intended to be applied to situation-specific, regional Comprehensive Plans of Action (CPAs), along the lines of CIREFCA and the Indo-Chinese CPA.
The creation of linkages has underpinned the success of CIREFCA and the Indo-Chinese CPA by expanding the range of interests involved within multilateral bargaining and hence the bargaining power of both North and South.
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