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CIRESComite de Integracion y Reconstruccion para el Salvador (Spanish)
CIRESCook Inlet Real Estate Services (Alaska)
CIRESCooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (University of Colorado at Boulder)
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The contract is for instruction, writing and monitoring records ANDRA for waste generated by the CEA Marcoule for CIRES, the CSA, the future LLW storage or Cigeo and management purposes Caribbean for waste TFA Marcoule and assistance to its users.
Following a competitive process, NOAA selected the University of Colorado to administer the CIRES partnership which leverages university resources to expand understanding of the Earth system the interrelationships between the atmosphere, oceans, land, living things, and the sun s energy.
The University of Colorado at Boulder professor in question is Maxwell Boykoff, who is also a fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, or CIRES.
Our findings contradict studies of other ecosystems that conclude longer growing seasons actually increase plant carbon uptake," said Jia Hu, who conducted the research as a graduate student in CU-Boulder's ecology and evolutionary biology department in conjunction with the university's Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, or CIRES.