CIRFCentro Italiano per la Riqualificazione Fluviale (Italian River Restoration Centre)
CIRFCancer Immunology Research Foundation
CIRFContact Improvisation Research Forum (dance group; San Francisco, CA)
CIRFCenter for Individual Responsibility and Freedom (Pensacola, FL)
CIRFCentralized Intermediate Repair Facility
CIRFCapital Improvement Reserve Fund
CIRFCertified Information Reporting Filer
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CIRF REPORT, supra note 190, at 54; AMMF, supra note 181, at 681.
Figures 2-5 show the CIRFs for the first time period, while figures 6-9 show the CIRFs for the second period.
When a shock occurs in the unemployment rate of a given group, the ordering of the CIRFs reveals the relative position of groups in the job queue.
In the CIRF concept, the off-equipment maintenance requirement for certain preidentified parts and equipment is eliminated at the main base, and instead, the parts or equipment are shipped to a centralized repair facility for repair.
AFSOC has already begun implementing CIRF operations for several components.
As indicated earlier, the effects of shocks to BASE, RESRT, CURRT, FDIF, LIABFAIL, and DEPFAIL are analyzed through computation of VDCs and CIRFs which, in turn, are based on the moving average representation of the VAR model and reflect both direct and indirect effects.
Since Runkle |24~ has argued that reporting VDCs and IRFs without standard errors is similar to reporting regression coefficients without t-statistics, a Monte Carlo integration procedure like that described in Doan |11~ is employed to estimate standard errors for the VDCs and CIRFs.
The GLSC CIRF managers update a table within EXPRESS via the EXPRESS web toolkit (EWT) to indicate which forward bases are served by which C1RF, for what items.
The one notable difference from tactical fighter support in peacetime was the establishment of CIRFs out of theater (in USAFE or at home bases) for avionics (except electronic countermeasure pods) and engine maintenance.
The CSC2 system implemented during the CIRF test demonstrates the viability of the CSC2 process concepts outlined in the CSC2 TO-BE operational architecture.
Before describing the CIRF test parameters, we will present a brief background of the events that led to the test in fall 2001.
The CLR validated the need to continue defining the peacetime and wartime benefits of the CIRF concept.