CIRFACentre d'Information et de Recrutement des Forces Armées (French: Armed Forces Recruiting and Information Center)
CIRFACentre International de Recherche et de Formation Appliqueés
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GSBDD, 35th Infantry Regiment, and CIRFA USID in Belfort.
Cleaning and maintenance of premises, local dining and windows in favor of the support group for the defense of Belfort basis, lot 1: 1 Field Artillery Regiment in Bourogne, lot 2: GSBdD, 35th Infantry Regiment, CIRFA USID and Belfort.
Military allowances Poitiers (86) - Contract for operation and maintenance of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, air handling and DHW heating in the neighborhoods: Ladmirault, Aboville, The Sands and CIRFA Air.