CIRGCritical Incident Response Group
CIRGCancer International Research Group (Translational Research in Oncology; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
CIRGCentral Institute for Research on Goats (India)
CIRGComputational Intelligence Research Group (various locations)
CIRGCybernetic Intelligence Research Group (University of Reading; UK)
CIRGCentre International de Recherches Glyptographiques (French: International Glyptics Research Center; Belgium)
CIRGConstruction Industry Reference Group (Australia)
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In 1995, the year after CIRG was founded, the unit established a commission (of which I was a member) to address the question of how a broader range of expertise could quickly be drawn upon when Waco-like situations arose.
Essa avaliacao demonstrou que houve efeito significativo do ABA, o qual promoveu aumento do grau de maturacao da uva, indicado pelo aumento do indice CIRG com o aumento da concentracao aplicada.
CIRG focuses on development of new and improvement of existing computational intelligence algorithms, and on application-oriented research, using computational intelligence techniques to solve real-world problems, and is actively involved with industry through consultation and contract research.
37) CIRG furnishes expertise in cases involving prison riots, terrorist activities, bombings, air and train crashes, natural disasters, abduction or mysterious disappearance of children, crime scene analysis, profiling, hostage negotiations, and special weapons and tactics.
Informational inquiries and requests for case assistance should be directed to CIRG, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia, 22135, telephone number (703) 632-4333.
During the Freemen siege, CIRG negotiators used both types of TPIs.