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CIRIAConstruction Industry Research and Information Association
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According by other studies, the results in the same vegetative stage are very variable (Options Mediterraneennes 1990; Ciria et al.
Antiliberal influences on conservative groups had publicly surfaced with Uriburu, as he and other members of his administration advocated major constitutional reforms along with corporatism, and remained influential in those groups under Justo (Halperin Donghi 2004, 25-56; Finchelstein 2002; Devoto 2002, 235-278; Buchrucker 1987, 45-100; Dolkart 1993; Ciria 1986, 22-37; Rock 1993, 87-100).
In 1968, historians Alberto Ciria and Horacio Sanguinetti, and Richard Walter distinguished among different stages based on national politics: the Reform Movement during the Union Civica Radical governments (1918-1930), the Movement after the first coup d'etat and during the conservative governments (1930-1943), the Movement under Juan D.
Photo: Ciria Serra says her landlord refuses to fix up her Van Nuys apartment.
Shrewsbury: Akosua Asumeng, Janice Barnum, Eric Bedu-Addo, Ornella Bisceglia, Kliscia DaSilva, Larissa Dyan, Ciria Orsini, Marianne Rohanna, Daniela Snopkowski, Maria Soja and Jing Yan.
Politicamente tenida por el fraude--uno de los elementos distintivos de una democracia formal (De Privitiello 2001, 120)--y la violencia politica contra toda forma de oposicion (Canton, Moreno y Ciria 1980, 166).
I spent fruitless ages on the CIRIA website trying to figure out what CIRIA stood for.
FCC has grown twofold over the last four years, and we want to increase our competitiveness on an international scale by improving our efficiency and practices," said Antonio Gomez Ciria, general manager, Administration and IT, FCC.
The Company is still awaiting assays from a substantial number of grab and channel samples from numerous trenches and when received they will be compiled and used for target selection on other areas of the property including the CIRIA, ROSA, HUERFANITA and PANOCHES ZONES as detailed in the Press Release dated August 20, 2004.
The Kier Rail team, which is delivering improvements to the town s train station on behalf of Network Rail Wales, won the Community Engagement category at the inaugural CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association) BIG (Biodiversity Interest Group) Challenge Awards 2014.
Tim Broyd, of CIRIA, said: "On the face of it there is considerable, potential synergy between our three organisations, with little overlap.