CIRITComissió Interdepartamental de Recerca i Innovació Tecnològica (Interdepartamental Commission of Research and Technological Innovation)
CIRITClusters of Interdisciplinary Research on International Themes (Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
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The production order follows successful customization and qualification of the SiIMU02 package for CIRIT in 2011.
Alan Hull, director of business development for Goodrich's Sensors and Integrated Systems business said, "This order from Roketsan marks the beginning of what we expect to be a successful long-term program, with opportunities for CIRIT sales in Turkey and the export market.
We thank the Spanish and Catalonian research administrations (projects FIS 96/1050, CICYT SAF 97-068, and CIRIT DOGC 2320) for financial support.
He also stated that, deal to purchase Turkish CIRIT laser-guided rockets worth 720 million dirhams ($196.
This work was supported in part by grant from the CIRIT (1995/SGR/ 00167).
In mid-2012 it was reported that 100 Cirits had been delivered to the Turkish military for R&D and qualification firings, and that 2,000 production units would be manufactured for the Turkish Army.