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CIRLComputational Intelligence Research Laboratory (University of Oregon)
CIRLCanadian Institute of Resources Law (University of Calgary)
CIRLCenter for Integrating Research and Learning (Florida State University)
CIRLCommittee of Industrial Relations Librarians
CIRLCalcium Independent Receptor for Latrotoxin
CIRLCochlear Implant Research Laboratory (Massachusetts)
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Unlike the joint committee, membership in CIRL is open and flexible, and the organization has no affiliation with a library organization per se.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Gun Metal Gate Valve of various sizes and CIRL Diaphragm Valves of various sizes and IBR Certified HP/HT Valves for PH-II/III STPS, Sarni.
In bits and pieces, Cirls does reference a looming harsh economic reality in ways that add up to an overall constant backdrop: Ray has $50,000 in student loan debt, while Jessa is a nanny for a filmmaker who is making a documentary about people who used to be wealthy but are now homeless.