CIRUComprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta; Georgia)
CIRUConfucius Institute at Rutgers University (est. 2007; New Jersey)
CIRUCanadian Infantry Reinforcement Unit (Canadian military)
CIRUCotton Insects Research Unit (USDA; Brownsville, TX)
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Because of the secrecy surrounding the nuclear weapons programme, we do not know just how much weapons grade plutonium Cirus has yielded, but theoretically it could produce plutonium for three nuclear weapons a year.
The unsafeguarded CIRUS reactor, set to run until 2010, could then generate enough plutonium for another 10 warheads.
First, India was able to harvest its plutonium because the CIRUS reactor was not governed by any nuclear safeguards and second, there had been enormous technical transfers and assistance to India's nuclear program in the 1950s and 1960s.
COVENTRY Godiva's under-13 long jumper Cirus Christie won the award for the best field performance of the Midland Premier match at Cheltenham in the UK Young Athletes League.
India reneged on its promise to use CIRUS solely for 'peaceful' purposes.
The Fairtrade Foundation's director, Harriet Lamb, says more fresh fruit, such as soft cirus fruit, and veg should be accredited over the next year, as well as dried fruit, canned fruit, nuts, oils, rice, quinoa and spices.
MEXICAN WAVE:; Chris tastes a corn stalk, and tries his hand with the plough after being caught in a media cirus outside Mexico City; DOWN TO EARTH: Chris Martin watches a Mexican farmer at work
Assuming the Cirus and Dhruva research reactors yielded 25-40 kilograms of plutonium annually, India could have stockpiled 280-600 kilograms of weapons-grade plutonium by the end of 2002.
A reverse split of Cirus' common stock will also be effective at the market open on Friday 8, March 2002, where present Cirus shareholders will be entitled to 1 new share of THC for every 5 Cirus shares.
2014 Innovation Award was presented last week to Cirus Controls for its GPS DataSmart[sup.
pounds 4; Youth Theatre and Cirus workshop (Over 15s).
She along with other teenage icons like Lourdes ( Madonna's daughter), Miley Cirus of Hannah Montana fame and Emma Watson of the Harry Potter series are all dressing way too old for their years in a bid to look sexy.