CIRUComprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta; Georgia)
CIRUConfucius Institute at Rhodes University (est. 2008; South Africa)
CIRUConfucius Institute at Rutgers University (est. 2007; New Jersey)
CIRUCanadian Infantry Reinforcement Unit (Canadian military)
CIRUCotton Insects Research Unit (USDA; Brownsville, TX)
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CIRU, Bahrain's very own cyber incident response unit was developed in order to detect and respond to threats that are evolving in cyberspace.
These clever fan nicknames require greater knowledge on the fan's side in order to understand their etymological origin, as in smilers ["Miley Cirus fans"].
Later on Indian government interpreted the said deal in a quiet different way and accordingly assumed that the reactor will not be used for non peaceful purpose but the Plutonium, extracted from CIRUS could be used in nuclear explosions (Leventha l, 2005).
providing heavy water for the CIRUS research reactor, and allowing
NASDAQ: CSIQ), a solar company, has signed a photovoltaic solar module sales agreement with Cirus Solar Systems Private Limited, an India-based solar engineering, procurement and construction company.
Stockton Council environmental protection officer Cirus Asadi confirmed that several complaints had been received.
A month after we opened the Cirus reactor and the Trombay plutonium plant, I knew I couldn't do it anymore.
THE CIRUS ( Canada- India- US) 40 MW research reactor was decommissioned on Friday, 50 years after it was commissioned in July 1960.
The new board of directors consists of a new head of asset management at asset management arm Bansabadell Inversion, Cirus Andreu.
In an indictment read out at the South Jakarta District Court, Chief Prosecutor Cirus Sinaga said Purwoprandjono had ''misused his power and asked out someone else'' to plan the murder and had ''purposely taken the life of someone else.
Se erigio de 22 varas y media de elevacion terminando con un circulo dorado, que representaba un sol y en su centro el retrato del senor don Carlos III, fijado sobre una columna piramidal, en cuya mediania se coloco una tarjeta con esta inscripcion Tripiciter Sol Exurens Montes, por compendio expresivo de la alegoria distribuida en siete cuerpos [De base estaba] la urna sepulcral fabricada con perspectiva de alabastro e ilustrada con diversos trofeos de ciencias y artes [ademas habia] varios poemas latinos y castellanos con empresas y motes que seguian la alegoria fundada en estos anagramas Teruti Sol Carus; Aut Cirus Ter Sol.