CIRUSCentre for Innovation Research in the Utility Sector (Switzerland)
CIRUSCenter for Indonesian Regional and Urban Studies
CIRUSCanada India Research US (nuclear reactor; Trombay, India)
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Later on Indian government interpreted the said deal in a quiet different way and accordingly assumed that the reactor will not be used for non peaceful purpose but the Plutonium, extracted from CIRUS could be used in nuclear explosions (Leventha l, 2005).
providing heavy water for the CIRUS research reactor, and allowing
reactors like CIRUS to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons) and the
The unsafeguarded CIRUS reactor, set to run until 2010, could then generate enough plutonium for another 10 warheads.
India subsequently defended its 1974 nuclear warhead test, which relied on CIRUS plutonium, as a peaceful nuclear explosion* The Canada-India agreement, termed the Colombo Plan Reactor Project, is available at http://www.
First, India was able to harvest its plutonium because the CIRUS reactor was not governed by any nuclear safeguards and second, there had been enormous technical transfers and assistance to India's nuclear program in the 1950s and 1960s.
According to Leonard Spector, India has never advocated her right to use plutonium from the CIRUS reactor in the manufacture of nuclear explosives.
The plutonium used in India's first and only nuclear explosion to date, as mentioned above, comes from the Canadian supplied CIRUS reactor; the heavy water used in the manufacture of this plutonium was obtained from the US also with the pledge that it would be used for peaceful purposes only.
Research reactors: CIRUS (which will be shut down in 2010), Dhruva, Advanced Heavy Water Reactor,
India turned to the CIRUS (Canada-India Reactor United States) reactor, as the source for plutonium for its 1974 "peaceful nuclear explosive" test.
52) Current available information on the separation plan indicates that no research and development facilities have been included--not the CIRUS or Dhruva reactors, not the Fast Breeder Test Reactor, and not the planned Advanced Heavy Water Reactor.
12/19/05--Canada urged India to allow IAEA access to the Canadian-supplied CIRUS nuclear facility which many experts believe was illicitly used by India to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons.