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CISACertified Information Systems Auditor
CISACommunity Information Strategies Australia
CISACertified Information Security Auditor
CISAChina Iron & Steel Association
CISACasting Industry Suppliers Association
CISAConsejo Indio de Sudamérica (Indian Council of South America)
CISAConsejo Indio de Sudamérica (Spanish)
CISACriminal Intelligence Service Alberta
CISAC4I Integration Support Activity
CISACenter for International Security Affairs
CISACommand Information Superiority Architectures (formerly C4ISR Integrated Architecture Program, CIAP)
CISACentre Interfacultaire en Sciences Affectives (French: Interfaculty Center for Affective Sciences; Switzerland)
CISACommission Internationale de Secours Alpin (French)
CISACentro de Información Socio Ambiental (Spanish: Socio-Environmental Information Center; Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua)
CISACentre for Institutional Support in Africa
CISACriminal Intelligence Service Austria
CISACentral de Inversiones SA (Spanish)
CISAClub Informatique Saint Avertinois (French: Saint Avertin Computer Club; Saint Avertin, France)
CISACountably-Infinite Source Alphabet
CISACoalition Information Sharing Architecture
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There is a growing demand for individuals with IS audit, control and security skills, and the CISA certification is world-renowned as the standard of achievement for those who audit, control, monitor and assess an organization's information technology and business systems.
There may still be hope of defeating CISA if enough Americans pressure their representatives to scuttle the committee negotiations on getting the versions of this bill together.
As a voluntary bill, CISA would not require Facebook to participate in the measure's info-sharing provisions, and the social media company has indicated it is unlikely to do so.
CISA also contains language prohibiting a "new information sharing relationship" between a business and a government agency or department.
The average price for exported steel products was only $793 per metric ton in the first half of this year, down 9 per cent from a year ago, with companies breaking even at that level, getting benefit only from associated tax breaks for exporters, CISA said.
1 The CISA eSIGNO lock aims to combine innovative design with advanced security, while its compact model has the flexibility to meet the needs of large chain hotels as well as family-run businesses.
CISA surveys since March show a worsening financial situation among Iranian students.
As a managing general agency, CISA primarily writes insurance and reinsurance through QBE Americas Group, a member of Australia-based QBE Insurance International.
I decided to pursue the CISA certification first (December 2009) to obtain baseline IT knowledge that would benefit me during both the CMA and CPA exams.
The CISA official didn't comment on whether there would be any penalties imposed on the three global miners if they failed to seal a deal with the Chinese mills, the report said.
The CISA heads the talks on behalf of China's steel-makers.