CISACCenter for International Security and Cooperation
CISACCenter for International Security and Arms Control
CISACConfédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Auteurs et de Compositeurs (French: International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers)
CISACCentre for Information Security and Cryptography (University of Calgary, Canada)
CISACCounterintelligence Special Agent Course
CISACConnecticut Independent School Athletic Conference
CISACCollege Information Systems Advisory Committee
CISACCollecting Societies of Authors and Composers
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In coordination with the Army G-2X, the CI Committee obtained funding to train CISAC and CIOC cadre in cyber, enabling the courses to grow their own expertise.
Rob Hooijer, Music Rights Consultant and former CISAC Africa Director, noted in an interview with the author (on 2 July 2013) that broadband is much cheaper in East Africa (e.
La primera es la asignacion de identificadores internacionales unicos para cada obra y cada creador, con lo cual se pretende poder determinar si la obra fue utilizada de forma expedita, saber a quien pertenece la titularidad de los derechos patrimoniales, y si pertenece al repertorio de la CISAC, con el fin de establecer un sistema de cobro efectivo.
However, the General Court rejected the appeal lodged against the Commission's decision to ban two types of contractual clauses taken from a CISAC model contract drawn up in 1936.
International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, ROMS No Longer a CISAC Member, http://www.
He singles out CISAC (the Committee on International Security and Arms Control) of the National Academy of Sciences as one such setting, and emphasizes that not only our own leaders must be included, but also those of Iran and North Korea, difficult as that may be.
The change to the event name - from World Copyright Summit to World Creators Summit - makes clear the emphasis on the creator, whose work is the foundation of creative industries," said Herve Di Rosa, French visual artist and CISAC Acting President.
We plan to join the Linked Content Coalition (LCC), consisting of several stakeholders not only from international SC9 standards, like ISNI, ISTC, ISBN, ISRC, DOI but also other interested parties as EDItEUR, NISO, CISAC and more.
Another project presently in development at LIO is a dL program and IMI for CISAC.
Tambien se han implantado, a sugerencia de la CISAC, los instrumentos tecnologicos para la generacion del indice de audiovisuales que permita conocer a nivel mundial a la institucion propietaria de la documentacion de audiovisuales, lo que producira buenos ingresos a la SACM.
The international registration authority for the ISWC is the International ISWC Agency, operated by CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers).