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Speaking to Gulf News following the inauguration of the new campus of JSS International School, which is one of the three CISCE schools in the city, Dr G.
Some schools have approached us and we are in talks with them and studying their proposals and I can tell you that more CISCE schools are in the pipeline for Dubai," said Dr Immanuel.
He added that earlier there was a perception among Indian parents that CISCE curriculum is not suitable for writing entrance exams for medical and engineering, which is changing now.
According to the NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training), CISCE is the best Indian school curriculum, we are more student friendly as we don't have a fixed number of subjects.
The measures taken by CISCE, to effectively implement the requirements of safety and security of children within the school premises to enforce the various provisions of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, read with the relevant RTE of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, read with the relevant RTE Rules under the Act, and also read with the Guidelines issued on 26th March, 2014 referred above, clearly lay down the Role of the School and this has been highlighted in the HRD Ministry's communication to CISCE.
CISCE has been requested to look into the matter and furnish a detailed report including action taken, to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, immediately.
The Ministry has also pointed out to CISCE that the State Government of Karnataka has recommended that the affiliation granted to Vibgyor High School be withdrawn, a HRD ministry release said.
The CISCE website also says the Council has been listed in the Delhi School Education Act 1973 as a body conducting public examinations.
However, according to sources in the HRD Ministry, after receiving the notice from Delhi High Court, the Ministry officials hunted for records on the CISCE but could not find any document that suggested it had been set up by an executive order of the government or Act of Parliament.
Some believe the Ministry sent the letter and subsequent reminder in a hurry to nettle the CISCE, given that many of its schools are run by Christian managements.
We have completed all formalities and infrastructural requirements to start CISCE curriculum.
The Dubai Modern High School Parents Committee, an organisation formed to fight the fee hike implemented by the GEMS group, is lobbying to break the monopoly of GEMS on CISCE curriculum so that they have cheaper alternatives.