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CISDCleveland Independent School District (Texas)
CISDConroe Independent School District (Texas)
CISDCritical Incident Stress Debrief(ing)
CISDCarthage Independent School District (Texas)
CISDCivilian Information Services Division (US Army)
CISDCenter for Innovation in Ship Design
CISDCompliance and Innovative Strategies Division (US Environmental Protection Agency)
CISDCommon Infrastructure and Service Delivery Review (Canada)
CISDComputer & Information Systems Department
CISDCommunications Internet Systems Division (Intel)
CISDComputing & Information Services Department (various organizations)
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But most of the approaches (OTSO, scenario-based, CISD, and STACE) apply multi-round evaluation, when the full evaluation cycle is repeated with each individual tool.
We will update as we have more information," Goose Creek CISD wrote on their (https://www.
CISD is an information-sharing and event-processing session, conducted as a conversation between people who have experienced the same incident.
Now she will oversee CISD, the division where she began her career as a manager of retail systems in 1996 and later worked as a director.
The CISD is a process that prevents or limits the development of post-traumatic stress in people exposed to critical incidents.
CISD provides exceptional standards of learning-focused education for students from Early Years (age 3) to Year 11 (age 16).
Psoriasis, romatoid artrit, sistemik lupus eritematozus, Crohn hastaligi gibi patogenezde inflamasyonun rol oynadigi kronik hastaliklar CISD grubunu olusturur.
Stacey Magnesia is a 4th-grade teacher, Hays CISD, Kyle, Texas.
The goal of this series of scholarly investigations is focused primarily on the status of African American males in CISD in an effort to improve the academic achievement of this population at all grade levels.
Dentro de esta linea, en 1983, Jeffrey Mitchell describio la tecnica de CISD (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing) que despues fue profundizada por otros como el noruego Dyregrov (1) quien le dio el nombre de debriefing psicologico (2).
CISD is a group crisis intervention technique designed by Mitchell (1983) to ease the acute symptoms of distress associated with psychological crisis and trauma (Everly, Flannery, & Eyler, 2002).