CISEComputer and Information Science (various organizations)
CISECurriculum, Instruction and Special Education
CISECommon Information Sharing Environment (various locations)
CISEComputer and Information Science and Engineering
CISECenter for Information and Systems Engineering (Boston University)
CISECentro de Investigaciones y Servicios Educativos (Spanish)
CISECentre d'Information sur la Santé de l'Enfant (French: Information Center for Children's Health)
CISEComputer Information Science and Engineering
CISECanadian Information System for the Environment
CISEConstruction Industry Safety Excellence (Award)
CISECenter for Innovations in Education (University of Missouri-Columbia, College of Education program)
CISECommission Intégration Suisses Etrangers (French)
CISEChoisir d'Instruire Son Enfant (French)
CISECatholic Inner-City Schools Education Fund
CISECentre for Interactive Systems Engineering (UK)
CISECentro de Iniciativas Solidaridad y Empleo (Spanish)
CISECentro Italiano Studi Egittologici (Italian)
CISECiencias de la Seguridad (Spanish)
CISECanadian International School of Egypt
CISECentro Interuniversitario di Studi sull'Etica (Italian)
CISEConsulting Innovation Software Engineering
CISECenter for Improved Engineering and Science Education
CISECertified Infoblox Support Engineer
CISECenter for Interactive Systems Engineering
CISECenter for Information Systems Integration and Evolution
CISECollision-Induced Signal Enhancement
CISECounterintelligence Support Element
CISECommittee on International Studies and Exchanges
CISEComputer, Information, and Systems Engineering
CISECenter for Information System Engineering
CISECostruzioni dell'Ingegneria Strutturale in Europa (Italian)
CISECostruzioni Idrauliche Stradali Edilizie (Italian)
CISECertified Information Security Expert
CISECentro Integral de Seguridad y Atención de Emergencias (Spanish)
CISECentral Information System Equipment
CISEConstructivism in Science Education
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It will not happen overnight, which is why the Commission proposes to set up the CISE network in six steps:
To support the Pre-Operational Validation (PoV) FP7 Project EUCISE2020 for the implementation of CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment for the Maritime Domain), as a permanent member of the Engineering&Operation Support (EOS) and Verification&Validation (VV) Groups set up for this FP project.
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