CISERCornell Institute for Social and Economic Research
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CISER researchers will be using the ES7000 for a wide range of uses, including exceedingly complex, memory-intensive statistical programs.
The increased memory and processing power of 64-bit computing will enable CISER researchers to complete a greater amount of work in less time.
With the ES7000, CISER will consolidate the workload of 12 commodity servers into one system that now supports a 64-bit, 5-terabyte data storage and both 32-bit and 64-bit statistical modeling applications.
Enterprises like CISER will find that by using one integrated system to consolidate and manage their core IT applications, their management responsibilities will be eased," said Mike Thomas, vice president, Unisys Global Solution Partners.
Unisys adds a unique enterprise-class architecture for business intelligence users with the ES7000, and the cooperation between Intel, SAS and Unisys at CISER is a great example of how we work together as a team to give customers increased value from their corporate information.