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CISHChromogenic in Situ Hybridization (genetics)
CISHComité International des Sciences Historiques
CISHCentral Institute for Subtropical Horticulture (Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India)
CISHClassic Intrafascial Semm Hysterectomy
CISHChemiluminescent In Situ Hybridization (microbiology)
CISHClassical Intrafascial Supracervical Hysterectomy
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CISH is expected to be the fastest growing technology segment and is expected to grow at a lucrative CAGR of over 7.
Abbreviations: CISH, chromogenic in situ hybridization; EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor; FISH, fluorescence in situ hybridization; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; RT-PCR, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction; TKI, tyrosine kinase inhibitor; TNM, tumor, node, metastasis.
Using CISH technique showed that intestinal tight junction express mRNA ZO-1 after LPS induced rats getting probiotic LIS 20506 supplementation for 3 days (Figure4).
CISH works under the auspices of UNESCO, which has long been involved in the preservation and documentation of Byblos' history.
8] Nonstandard abbreviations: HER, human epidermal growth factor receptor; EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor; ECD, extracellular domain; MMP, matrix metalloproteinase; Mab, monoclonal antibody; MBC, metastatic breast cancer; OS, overall survival; IHC, immunohistochemistry; FISH, fluorescence in situ hybridization; FDA, Food and Drug Administration; PBC, primary breast cancer; CISH, chromogenic in situ hybridization; TTP, time to progression; DFS, disease-free survival; HDCT, high-dose chemotherapy; ER, estrogen receptor; CMF, cyclophosphamide-methotrexate-5-fluorouracil; and CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen.
ASI and Biocare have tested and confirmed the combined solution's effectiveness in performing end-to-end IHC and CISH, imaging, analysis and reporting.
I hope that someone will follow these CISH patients for the next 10-15 years.
Khor from A*STAR's Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS), who co-led the studies in Singapore, commented: "It's not clear from our study why having a reduced level of CISH associates with increased susceptibility to multiple infectious diseases, but it does suggest that CISH is a key regulator of the immune system.
Indications for CISH are the same as for standard hysterectomy.
These tools today include: Double Stain IHC, CISH and RNA-ISH quantification, amyloid plaque measurement, muscle fiber analysis, steatosis and adipose quantification, pancreatic islet analysis, microglial activation, axon quantification, and object-based and cell-based Immunofluorescence.
Horticulture and Precision farming, CISH, Lucknow, 2002, pp: 176-190.
It is unclear if EGFR FISH or CISH provides useful clinical information in the management of patients.