CISISComplex Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems
CISISChina International Software and Information Service Fair
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The CISIS Fair included 40 meetings, events, conferences and activities.
Total revenue signed during the CISIS Fair 2011 has exceeded 70,000,000 RMB.
40 meetings and conferences will be organized in the CISIS Fair 2011.
China International Software and Information Service Forum and Entrepreneurs' Summit 2011 is the lead event of CISIS Fair 2011.
Dalian, the host city of CISIS Fair, is recognized for software and information services.
CISIS organized a series of industry application seminars, the topics covered more than 30 fields, including Media and Internet, Agriculture, Aviation, Retail, Hotel, Biology Pharmacy, Production, Heating, SMEs, and also included cloud computing, internet of things, embedded software, open source software, e-commerce and software marketing channels, etc.
The domestic and overseas media gave attention to CISIS 2010, reporting on the event from every side, which produced a strong influence.
The judges' decisions were based on CISIS 2010's comprehensive overview and construction achievements regarding China's software and information service industry through the exhibition, conferences and forums, and for its aggressive promotion of the cooperation and communication between domestic and overseas players.
CISIS 2006 will last for four days and will include activities including the Global Software and Information Service High Level Forum, the China Software Innovation Forum, the China Software and Information Outsourcing Seminar, and the China International IT Talents Training Summit 2006.
The size and quality of CISIS 2006 is better than ever, with more industry professionals attending.
CISIS 2009 will be held at the Dalian World Expo Centre from June 18-21.
From its beginning, CISIS bears the historical tasks of leading the development of the Chinese software industry and undertaking the transformation of the world's emerging industries, expanding international collaboration with the Chinese software and information industries.