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CISNACouncil of Islamic Schools in North America (Washington, DC, USA)
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His 20-minute film documents the experiment that Cisna conducted, independent of McDonald's, to teach his sophomore students the importance of choices in their lives.
We are excited that John Cisna is sharing his story that addresses it isn't where you eat, but what and how much that matters as well as how much you exercise," said Paul Hendel, McDonald's restaurant owner.
When the local McDonald's restaurant learned of the experiment, the franchisee provided Cisna with meals for free.
Students ensured that each day, Cisna stayed within a 2,000 calorie limit
Cisna incorporated regular exercise, and began walking at least 45 minutes 4-5 days a week
Agency : Panstwowe Gospodarstwo Lesne Lasy Panstwowe - Nadlesnictwo Cisna
The contract is for the duties of the inspector investor pracamizwiazanymi of demolition and construction of new culverts on forest roads in ramachrealizacji Cisna Forestry Project Przeciwdzbudoialanie stormwater drainage impacts in mountainous areas.
All these factors, she pointed out, are the core elements of CISNA s Strategic Plan.
The main objective was to discuss and agree on the CISNA Constitution, the implementation of the strategic plan 2010 2015 and the activities of its various sub-committees.
FSC Mauritius as a member regulatory authority of the CISNA is hosting the bi-annual meeting for the third time, the two previous ones were held in 1999 and in 2004.
CISNA which was established in 1998 reports to the Southern African Development Community Committee of Ministers of Finance and Investment.