CISPESCommittee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
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There were also other spaces among the most trusted sanctuary activists, or within the broader peace and solidarity movement, such as CISPES, Comite Farabundo Marti, Salvadorenos Progresistas, and MASPS meetings or events, where the refugee identity could be moved to the background by the Central Americans in favour of a more empowered or militant persona.
The House Intelligence Committee similarly investigated the FBI's CISPES matter and was not denied the documents needed.
Civil liberties concerns about undercover FBI operations figured in the CISPES investigations by the House Intelligence and House Judiciary Committees, as they had figured in the Church Committee investigation in 1975-76 and in the ABS CAM oversight investigation of 1982.
The FBI knew that CISPES endorsed the guerrillas' objectives.
Focusing on CISPES's Washington office and about a dozen key chapters, agents tailed CISPES members, took photos, and attended meetings undercover.
Boos wrote that documents he'd obtained revealed that CISPES would be raising funds "to provide direct military assistance to the Soviet.
At the time, officials at FBI headquarters believed Boos's allegations merited being stamped "secret" and circulated to 33 field offices, according to a bureau memo that was released to CISPES and the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights under the Freedom of Information Act.
Ask an anti-interventionist who was monitored by the FBI during its probe of CISPES in the 1980s.
The FBI started files on hundreds of CISPES members in an attempt to document terrorist links, yet never saw fit to charge anyone with a crime.
CISPES initiated a Stop Sweatshops campaign in 1996 from its national office in New York to deal with the international issues surrounding sweatshops (Horazuk , 1995).
CISPES and other Central America organizations held several rallies around the country and pressured Congress, says Mike Zielinski, but few in Congress are willing to oppose the 1990s form of U.